Satellite technology at Arctic Frontiers 2016

KSAT will talk about how advanced satellite technology can be used for environmental monitoring in the Arctic on Monday´s breakout session "Oil prevention and SAR in the Arctic"

KSAT supporting the vessel Tor Viking through Northern Sea Route

On their transit from Pacific to Norwegian port, Tor Viking chose the Northern Sea Route (NSR) saving 12 days compared to sailing through Panama. NSR is at this time of the year challenging due to the increasing difficult ice situation and the crew found leads in the ice by using satellite images.

KSAT joins in Arctic Frontiers partner program

KSAT has decided to join Arctic Frontiers as an associated partner for a period of three years.

KSAT opens new site in Panama

KSAT is proud to announce the establishment of a new ground station in Panama City.

New Copernicus contract for Kongsberg Satellite Services

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) has signed an expanded satellite support contract with a total value of 205 MNOK (21,8 MEUR) with the European Space Agency for the Sentinel satellites in the Copernicus program.

Young leading Indian politicians at KSAT

Monday 5 th october we had the pleasure of hosting two leading young Indian politicians at our headquarter in Tromsø.


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