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Bo Andersen is stepping back after 12 years as Director General of the Norwegian Space Centre, and taking over the wheel is Christian Hauglie-Hanssen, former Executive Vice President of Kongsberg Space & Surveillance‎. 
Bo Andersen is stepping back as director general after his tenure has come to an end. Under Bo‘s leadership, the Norwegian Space Center (NSC) has had a tremendous development. The budgets have grown, the number of people has grown and the activity has never been this high. It has been interesting times, the European Commission has entered the scene and both the Galileo and the Copernicus program has been initiated. 

Bo has followed KSAT from the start. He served at the Board of directors for several years and he has ensured that the close relationships to important organizations like NASA and NOAA has been maintained. 

When history is written, Bo will always be remembered as the father of the Norwegian Small satellite program. He was the one that made Norway truly a space fairing nation. I would like to thank Bo for the fun we have had over the years, and I look forward to continue working with him in his new capacity at NSC. 

At the same time, KSAT is pleased to send our warmest congratulations to Christian Hauglie-Hanssen when he takes over as Director General. With his numerous years in industry in general, and in Space related activities, he will be in a very good position to continue the growth and development of NSC.

Industrial development has always been an important part of the Norwegian space activity and we will like to work closely with Christian to support him when needed. Christian has been working on real satellite instruments and has administrated the Kongsberg Space activity. His initiatives towards educational activities in the Summer Programs for graduate level students is important for the growth of the Space community in Norway.

KSAT has grown to a significant player on the Norwegian Space arena. Close relations to NSC and other government entities are important and we look forward to supporting Christian in his important position as the top official of the Norwegian Space activity.

Rolf on behalf of the KSAT team

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