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KSAT has signed an expanded and extended contract for ground station support to the European Copernicus program. KSAT are to build and operate a new station in Inuvik in Canada, in addition to the activities at Svalbard. KSAT is the main supplier of ground station support for the EU-lead program for climate and environmental monitoring, Copernicus. KSAT is responsible for data collection from the six Sentinel satellites, and delivery of payload data to the relevant European organisations. KSAT has signed framework agreements related to this program with a total value of 68 MEUR. The duration of each contract is 3 to 5 years.

The first satellite, Sentinel-1a, is a radar satellite especially important to Norway since it is used in maritime surveillance in the northern areas. Data from this satellite can improve the safety and preparedness in the area. The satellite is used in operational services related to oil-spill monitoring, as well as ice- and ship detection. It constitutes a very efficient tool for Norway’s situational awareness in the northern most areas. Sentinel-2a, which supplies information for forest- and land purposes, will also use the station.
KSAT is providing services from its ground station on Svalbard, Norway, and from Inuvik in Canada from 2016. The antenna installations are controlled from the Tromsø Network Operation Center (TNOC), located by the company head office in Tromsø, Norway. The contract reinforces KSAT’s position as the world leading provider of services related to satellite data reception and control for satellites in polar orbit.
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