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Sentinel-1 (c) ESA
KSAT has extensive experience within the use of satellite data for operational monitoring, having provided detection services offshore for more than 20 years.
Due to the unique KSAT ground station network we are able to collect satellite data from anywhere in the world shortly after time of acquisition.

Having invested in in-house processing equipment for multiple satellite missions we are in full control of all aspects concerning the delivery chain; at KSAT “near real time” typically means less than an hour, anywhere in the world.

Our expert analysts disseminate the information and produce detection reports that are delivered directly to operations and decision support personnel. KSAT personnel are on duty at all times, providing routine analysis for our global client base as well as emergency support. KSAT´s core services have historically been maritime-focused, but we are also using our operational expertise and broad data access to support our clients in their land based needs. 

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