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The Tromsø Satellite Station was established in 1967, and the HQ of KSAT is located in Tromsø. Tromsø is the capital of northern Norway, and is situated north of the Arctic Circle.

The main activity at the Tromsø Station is data reception from Earth Observation satellites, data processing, distribution and archiving. Operational near real-time data analysis for oil spill detection and ship detection services are also performed here. Tromsø Network Operations Centre (TNOC) is located at the Tromsø site. TNOC performs remote control of the KSAT ground stations and is the customer point of contact for our global ground station network 24/7 365 days a year.

The existing antenna infrastructure operated out of Tromsø consists of more than 30 multi-mission antennas in the KSAT ground station network. KSAT operates multi-frequency uplink and receiving antenna systems in L-, S-, and X-band, and hosts data reception and TT&C systems owned by customers. Hosting services are also part of the service portfolio for the Tromsø facilities. It also operates a Local User Terminal as a part of the International Search And Rescue Programme, COSPAS-SARSAT. This service supplies national rescue authorities with life-saving information and entails a highly reliable round-the-clock operation.

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