KSAT to support Gilmour Space with launch of Eris orbital launch vehicles

The launch is this year and KSAT will provide Launch- and LEOP Services to one of the leading space companies in Australia.

Space Symposium, Colorado Springs, April 2022: 

Gilmour Space Technologies is pioneering new and innovative hybrid propulsion technologies that offers lower cost access to space. The venture-backed rocket company is developing new capabilities for launching small satellites to space.

KSAT will support Gilmour Space missions with our Launch- and Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) services, providing highly resilient communication solutions and dedicated engineers for real time monitoring. 

Gilmour Space's innovative Eris orbital launch vehicles will deliver up to 1000 kg to LEO with a first launch expected later this year. 

Rolf and Gilmour Space.jpg
Gilmour Space Technologies CEO Adam Gilmour and KSAT CEO Rolf Skatteboe look forward to the companies' joint activities in the coming year. 

The importance of having depth in experience as well as infrastructure during these mission critical phases cannot be overstated. KSAT credits this practice for our long record of success.

– Australia is a focus market for KSAT and we look forward to supporting Gilmour Space and further cooperate with Australian Space industry to build National Space capabilities, Kenneth Olafsson, KSAT Sales Director Asia Pacific says.

– It’s fantastic to be working with the experienced team at KSAT to help Australia get to space, adds David Doyle, Gilmour Space Launch Vehicle Program Manager.