What to wear

What to wear

What to wear

Practical information

Clothing /what to pack

The average temperature in September is only 0.3 ˚C so it is important to bring clothing that will keep you warm.
Woolen layers, mittens, hat, a good jacket and warm pants are required if you are planning to be outdoors. If you are going on the boat trip you should bring extra warm clothing - it can get quite cold on deck. If you want to go for a hike, you will need proper shoes, like mountain boots. Longyearbyen had their first snowfall for the season just recently, it’s very likely to happen during our stay as well!


Overall dresscode: Arctic casual, meaning leave your dress back home
Tenant meeting, Wed 7: Casual
Hosted tenant dinner, Wed 7: Business Casual


Most places in Svalbard have kept the old mining company town tradition of not to use outdoor shoes indoors. You will for instant be asked to take off your shoes at the hotel etc. For your comfort, we advise you to bring indoor shoes or slippers.