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President and CEO of KSAT 

Rolf Skatteboe is president and CEO of KSAT - Kongsberg Satellite Services AS. 

Rolf was one of the founders of KSAT and has been CEO since it was established in 2002. Prior to joining kSAT he worked at the Norwegian Space Agency for 10 years. He was responsible for the development of the Svalbard Ground Station.

Rolf is MSc, Medical Physics and Biomedical engineering, Norwegian Institute of Technology and MSc, GeoPhysics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has management courses at Norwegian University of Business and Economics. He also holds various board positions.

KSAT Management Group

  • Amund Nylund
    Chief Operation Officer - COO
  • Marte Indregard
    Chief Commercial Officer - CCO
  • Arnulf Kjeldsen
    EVP, Strategy & Technology
  • Magnar Slåtto
    VP Business Support
  • Fredrik Landmark
    EVP, Government Programs
  • Alf Eirik Røkenes
    Chief Financial Officer - CFO
  • Maja-Stina Ekstedt
    EVP Sustainability & Public Relations
  • Kristian Lindgård Knudtzon
    VP Earth Observation