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KSAT is pioneering commercial operational Ka-band capacity which is enabling higher data rates. 

KSAT is a pioneering commercial provider of operational Ka-band technology and we are the first to support LEO Earth Observation satellites in Ka-band, with our unique locations of Svalbard and Troll, Antarctica for high availability Ka-band support. We are now expanding this capability to new high latitude locations that are ideally suited for Ka-band support.

Ka-band is used to to enable higher data rates from space to ground, and KSAT has implemented Ka-band on large and highly capable antenna systems, as well as on the KSATlite network.

For years, we have been instrumental in facilitating Ka-band test beds for several projects and customers to study the atmospheric effects and how to optimize the antenna performance in demanding environments. Svalbard and Troll are dry Arctic/Antarctica deserts, and therefore ideal for Ka-band and other high frequency support 

New KSATlite Ka-band antenna operational in Antarctic Troll Station