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New technologies

New Technologies for Innovative Space-to-Ground Service Offerings 

The KSAT spirit is all about doing hard things that have never been done before. We explore new ways, different solutions and new technologies in challenging environments.

KSAT focus is on integrating new improved services operationally and commercially to provide flexibility for satellite operators. As a result, we have a strong focus on bringing technology developments to market, and being early adopters of new technologies to provide improved solutions to our clients. Testing new technologies at our ground stations in partnership with key technology providers and customers is essential to success.

We have implemented operational Ka-band support and are investing in innovative optical communication for a Hybrid RF/Optical network solution. We are exploring technologies that will impact the future satellite operations such as phased array and satellite relay systems for the benefit of the global space community, from LEO to Lunar and beyond. Cloud technology is a key technology being utilized in the space domain.

KSAT’s virtualized ground architecture has allowed us to scale our world leading ground network at an accelerated rate to meet the needs of both the traditional satellite industry as well as the fast paced smallsat and startup market. KSAT strongly supports these new mainstream technologies to improve efficiencies, optimize delivery times and automation in the value chain of the critical day to day satellite operations – for the benefit of the end-users of satellite data and applications worldwide.