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Satellite Operation

By combining our Satellite Services with our renowned Ground Station services, this is your one-stop solution for all ground operations.

Satellite Operations requires high resiliency and availability of the service, and as such operations is associated with significant investments into physical-, technical- and human resources. KSAT’s Satellite Operations Service allows customers to focus on their core business and utilization of payload data, while enabling costs associated with operations to be scaled as the spacecraft constellation grows.   

This is achieved through a standardized service offering which provides economy of scale through a highly automated operations concept. The Satellite Operations Service consists of:  

  • Satellite Control 
  • Mission Control 
  • Flight Dynamics  
  • Data Management 

The baseline offering includes a set of standardized services that can be complemented by various options to meet mission specific Concept of Operations constraints, while at the same time provide a standardized user interface to facilitate operator ease-of-use and automation capabilities. 

At the heart of our service is an our highly trained operations team with specialized knowledge in satellite operations. This dedicated team ensures the smooth functioning of your satellite missions, allowing you to confidently entrust us with the management and monitoring of your valuable assets. 

KSAT’s Satellite Operations Center encompasses all essential functionalities for secure management of satellites throughout their lifecycle, from launch to decommissioning. The Operations Center employs stringent security measures to safeguard both its physical infrastructure and technical equipment, ensuring the utmost integrity of the services provided. 

You can rely on our:

  • Automated satellite monitor & control services for the entire spacecraft lifecycle

  • Lights-out monitoring and alerting systems which notifies operators in case of in-flight anomalies

  • Validated flight dynamics functionalities including orbit determination, propagation, station keeping and manouvering

  • Highly skilled multi-mission Satellite Operations Crew

  • Modern technical solution deployed in a highly secured architecture

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