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Rapid Tasking and 24/7 Order Desk

Your One-Stop Shop for Multi-Mission Satellite Imagery. The Order Desk is a team of experts in all aspects of satellite acquisition planning and ordering as well as emergency support. 

Today there is a vast array of commercial satellites (Optical and SAR) which can used to meet your imagery requirements. But trying to contact each individual satellite owner or operator to find out what each can offer is a time-consuming and laborious task, made all the worse if the situation is urgent and time is of the essence. KSAT, uniquely, solves this problem with its Order Desk.

Key Facts About the KSAT Order Desk

The KSAT Order Desk is a team of experts in all aspects of satellite acquisition planning and ordering. 

  • They quickly and efficiently generate an acquisition plan showing all the possible options and make recommendations on the optimum solution. For non-emergency, or tailored requests, Order Desk work closely with the specialists in the KSAT EO team to discuss the requirements in more detail and recommend solutions. KSAT prides itself on it’s customer engagement and ability to work to offer the best solutions possible.

  • Because KSAT does not own any of its own satellites, its experts are completely non-biased and satellite-agnostic, so they will also provide the best possible advice to suit each customer’s specific needs. You can therefore make a fully-informed choice, secure in the knowledge that your single contact with Order Desk shows all possible options to meet your needs, including time of acquisition, resolution, processing, delivery time and price.

  • Once the preferred imagery solution is selected, your Order Desk representative then takes care of the rest. They reach out to all the individual satellite operators on your behalf and then place all required orders, revisions or cancellations.

  • After the imagery or value-added products are delivered, KSAT manages all the billing with multiple satellite operators, saving time and effort. With Order Desk you can focus on the strategic issues, not the administrative ones.

  • Order Desk offers 24/7/365 Emergency Standby Service if you need imagery outside of normal European business hours. This service for emergency orders guarantees that customers receive the earliest possible satellite image from KSAT’s extensive portfolio of Synthetic Aperture radar (SAR) or optical satellites.

When is Order Desk a great option?

  • Anyone with a need for satellite imagery from multiple sources, but with limited time to reach out to all the possible operators to see what each can provide.

  • Those who would rather focus on the issue you are trying to address, or the problem you mean to solve with satellite imagery, rather than all the admin required to make that possible

  • Those who need to make emergency orders of satellite imagery or value-added products outside normal European business hours

Talk to us about KSAT Order Desk

  • Andreas Hay Kaljord
    Sales Director - EO
  • Rob Ayasse
    Vice President EO Sales