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Earth Observation Services

Easy access to satellite information through one point of contact. 

Satellites serve as your eye in the sky. A powerful and unique tool providing everything from the BIG picture all the way down to the measurement of small but significant movements.

Satellites can effectively retrieve information from remote or inaccessible areas, some of them can see in the dark and through clouds and observe features and changes that would otherwise go undetected.

At KSAT we have specialised in using satellite data in operational monitoring services to provide information and decision support. Having invested heavily in people and infrastructure over many years, our customers benefit from the world's fastest available acquisition and processing chain, Near Real-Time services, such as oil spill and vessel detection, and rapid data delivery.   

We offer easy access to satellite information through one point of contact. You can rely on KSATs expertise to be available anytime through the unique 24/7 manned operations-center for analysis and emergency support.

Talk to me about Earth Observation

  • Rob Ayasse
    Vice President EO Sales