KSAT Lunar

The world’s first commercial lunar communications network. 

Getting to the Moon is hard work but communicating with and navigating your spacecraft doesn’t have to be. KSAT has expanded our existing ground network of over 200 antennas across more than 25 geographically distributed sites to include larger diameter (15m+) antennas to reach lunar distances.

Through a single point of integration, lunar mission customers are provided with unparalleled communications coverage including:

  • Launch & early operations (LEOP)

  • Lunar transit

  • Lunar orbit 

  • Lunar landing

  • Lunar surface operations

  • Earth return and re-entry

Initial TT&C, payload downlink, and ranging services offered in:

  • S-band uplink/downlink
  • X-band downlink

Talk to us about Your Mission

  • Jan Schulte
    Sales Director
  • Francisco Periales
    Project Manager