Our vision at KSATlite: A reliable and fully automated service that connects Space and Earth using the most innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

KSATlite is the leading innovative, software-focused Global Ground Network. The flexible software-defined ground radio system, allows us to support all the major standards in satellite and launch vehicle communications.

Our software focus provides a more trusted architecture with integrated redundancy and containerised solutions. Moving from hardware to software enhances scalability and predictability.

Today’s supported frequencies include:

  • S-band downlink/uplink
  • X-band downlink
  • Ka-band downlink
  • UHF downlink/uplink

Our M2M software-optimised scheduling system is automated and standardised for a broad range of missions. With a Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) offering, you benefit from economies of scale, and access to services on an on-demand basis. The good news is that shared infrastructure also means significantly reduced costs compared to dedicated solutions.

We are always evolving, exploring new ways to provide smarter solutions inspired by our customers’ needs with ever-expanding ground network footprints, functionalities and capacities.

  • Tailored for small satellites and big constellations

  • Dynamic and efficient satellite operations

  • Leveraging up-to-date Application Programming Interfaces (API)

  • Direct interface with the KSAT scheduling database

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From initial mission planning through launch, nominal operations, and in the end decommissioning, the KSATlite team is always available to help. With many years of experience in satellite ground systems, our hardworking team is focused on your mission success.

You’ll work with the team that developed the KSATlite service. Our people have an entrepreneurial spirit and are strong supporters of innovative start-ups and the smallsat companies that benefit from our cost-effective approach.   

We have a dynamic working environment where ideas and input from customers are at the core of what we do. With a space engineering mindset, and diverse backgrounds and experience, we are driven by challenges and problem solving. Combined, this is what drives KSATlite innovation!

Gain access to a unique pool of expertise by adding KSATlite to your team. With hands-on experience in large constellation management, handling Launch vehicle, LEOP, and in-orbit support these problem-solvers and innovators ensure mission success throughout spacecraft lifecycle.

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  • Ruben D. Nunez
    Head of Business Development, KSAT Inc.
  • Kristian Lindgård Knudtzon
    Director KSATlite
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    Sales Manager USA
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    Business Development Manager