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Easy Onboarding – let’s get started!

Onboarding with KSATlite is easy and flexible. You can expect quick integration, testing and mission readiness.

Our network is fully operational and is already contributing to the success of most of the existing SmallSat constellations, so you can expect quick integration, testing and mission readiness. Getting started with us is streamlined, allowing access to all KSATlite resources through a standardised M2M interface 

With decades of expertise in spectrum management and licencing applications, we support you throughout the process. Our interactive user portal provides all the necessary information, and our KSATlite team is always ready to help you through any questions you might have.  

Durintesting your satellite can be connected to our test labor we can ship our portable ground station to you in a suitcase. This means you can perform testing and set-up wherever you are. The equipment will be configured for your satellite and our engineers will guide you every step of the way.  How awesome is that?  

Cyber security is top priority at KSAT and is an inherent part of the KSATlite product. We support full integration into cloud solutions for storage, processing, and dissemination, with private or public cloud solutions available and edge computing and data processing capabilities at remote sites. In addition, global communications solutions such as SDWAN are available when needed.