Land Mapping

KSAT Land Mapping solutions provides support for site selection, operational monitoring, and understanding of natural terrain and human induced changes. KSAT integrates optical, SAR and terrain data to provide actionable, and contextual information across a variety of land applications.


1:10,000 scale Land cover mapping using VHR satellite imagery.

Understanding the land surface cover type, potential changes, and variability, both natural and human induced, provides significant information to support a wide range of projects. Accurate land mapping improves focus and decision making while reducing risk. KSAT integrates different types of data together (e.g. optical, SAR and elevation data) to provide insights and context to support a range of land applications.

KSAT Land mapping offers cost-efficient solutions that provide:

  • Mapping solutions from 1:5,000 – 1:100,000 scale
  • Analysis associated with land cover and change detection.
  • Land User / Land Cover (LULC) classification using manual/semi-automated and automated techniques to best suit the requirements and scale of analysis.
  • Digital Elevation model generation and terrain analysis at a range of resolutions using both bespoke and off the shelf elevation solutions. 
Land mapping.jpg

Flood water extent mapping using TerraSAR-X © DLR e. V. (2016), Distribution AIRBUS DS/Airbus Defence and Space GmbH. Flood analysis by KSAT

KSAT Land Mapping can provide vital support for site selection, operational monitoring, and understanding of natural terrain changes to better understand accessibility, logistics and environmental impacts wherever your site may be.

  • Cost efficient monitoring of facilities or features.

  • Use across multiple applications and industries with standard products or bespoke solutions.

  • Understanding remote areas where physical access can be challenging, thereby reducing risk to personnel .

  • Time critical monitoring in support of an event or incident.

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