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Spaceflight´s SSO-A Smallsat Express mission marks a historic U.S industry first and the beginning of a new Lite era for KSAT

With only a few days to go until the historic SSO-A SmallSat Express launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon-9, the involved LEOP teams at KSAT are working intensely, preparing to support the large number of smallsat customers on this mission, many of whom are launching for the first time.

The SSO-A mission is the largest single rideshare mission from a US-based launch vehicle to date and represents Spaceflight´s integration of an entire Falcon-9. The mission is an extremely exciting mission as it is dedicated solely to smallsats, with 64 small spacecraft from 34 organizations and 17 countries, a momentous milestone for Spaceflight. It is also exciting for KSAT, as we are supporting most of the commercial payloads on this rideshare on the KSATLite network, a ground network optimized for small satellites and big constellations.