Infrastructure Monitoring

KSAT provides actionable information to monitor onshore infrastructure across the lifecycle of an engineering project, from site planning to remediation. 

Such data and analysis can support pre-FEED and FEED activities (Front End Engineering Design).

Onshore pipelines and other high-value infrastructure can be vulnerable to a range of risks, both manmade and natural. Our onshore monitoring services allow time-critical and operational monitoring of those assets, to better manage risks and improve decision making. 

Key Facts and benefits of our Onshore Pipeline and Infrastructure Monitoring Service:


  • Monitoring for evidence of natural hazard such as landslides, moving sand dunes and environmental encroachment, as well as natural disasters, like floods and fires. 
  • Discovering evidence of human interference and encroachments onto a pipeline right-of-way by detecting night-time lights, vehicle movement, change detection, land clearance etc.  
  • Alerting of potential leakages or other damages around infrastructures.
  • Supporting the mitigation of operations when incidents accur.
  • Optimising data sources, cadence and analysis over specific locations, bringing a tailored solution. 

Optical data allows the detection of changes for infrastructure monitoring. 

The Service is ideal for:

  • Gaining oversight of surveying activities and for optimising the site planning.

  • Those responsible for managing and reducing risks to pipelines and infrastructure in remote locations.

  • Those responsible for incidence management, crisis response and post-event remediation.

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  • Laura Abuja Conde
    International Sales Manager