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KSAT has decided to join Arctic Frontiers as an associated partner for a period of three years.

-Arctic Frontiers has become a very important event, gathering politicians, decision makers, business people and scientists in Tromsø to discuss challenges and opportunities of relevance for the Arctic, says Mr. Jan Petter Pedersen, Vice President at KSAT. 

- KSAT hence find Arctic Frontiers to be an important strategic arena to be visible and present, and our focus will be on how our space based capabilities could be utilized to obtain updated, objective and reliable information about the Arctic and its changing conditions, as well as be used for today and in the years to come, says Pedersen. KSAT will be present at the event in Tromsø in January and will present two papers at the Arctic Frontiers Science. President and CEO of the Kongsberg Group , Walter Qvam , will speak at the Arctic Frontiers Business.