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Moods of Norway, the Norwegian clothing brand famous for its pink tractors, are currently launching their new autumn /winter sports collection and this time they have been inspired by satellite images over Norway!

The images used in the collection are acquired over the Svalbard Archipelago in the high Arctic, located half way between Norway and the North Pole, and shows ice, snow covered land and a snowstorm coming in over Norway. 

”We always want to create unique Norwegian products that have a story to tell. The satellites can tell us about weather conditions all over the world, and what is more typical Norwegian than to talk about the weather?” says Simen Staalnacke, founder of Moods of Norway.

Moods of Norway works a lot with development of photoprints and patterns in their collections and three satellite images have been the starting point for this unique collection. The images used are acquired by the European environmental monitoring satellite ”Envisat”, Courtesy of the European Space Agency ESA, The Norwegian Space Center and downloaded close to the North Pole by Kongsberg Satellite Services, KSAT. 

This satellite ground station in Svalbard plays a very important role internationally since no other station in the world can talk to the satellites as often as they can, thus ensuring freshly updated information about weather, climate and environment from anywhere in the world. “We are really excited that Moods of Norway have chosen to use these satellite images from Svalbard in their collection! The satellites orbit the Earth and provide us with so much valuable information. So next time you wish on a shooting star it might just be a satellite, giving us almost all the data one could wish for”. (Nina Soleng, Marketing Director at KSAT)