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Young leading Indian politicians at KSAT

Monday 5 th october we had the pleasure of hosting two leading young Indian politicians at our headquarter in Tromsø.

Mr Sachin Pilot (Congress party) and Dr. Heena Gavit (BJP) are presently in Norway on a study tour arranged by the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, and in Tromsø, the politicians got a chance to explore the beautiful Norwegian nature, and learn more about the Arctic from The Norwegian Polar Institute and Kongsberg Satellite Services, KSAT.

At KSAT the guests could hear about how KSAT, through its unique polar ground stations, are able to capture data from anywhere in the world and also deliver analyzed information to end users on oil spill, vessel positions and ice movements only minutes after the satellite image is acquired. 

KSAT and the Indian Space Agency ISRO have been working together for more than 10 years and KSAT is a proud provider of ground station services to a growing fleet of Indian satellite missions. RISAT-1 is an Indian satellite owned by ISRO and recently KSAT was granted the right by ANTRIX to schedule acquisitions, download, process, and deliver RISAT-1 imagery to commercial users worldwide.