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EMSA expands satellite portfolio with TerraSAR-x

This week the European Maritime Safety Agency, EMSA is releasing TerraSAR-x for CleanSeaNet (CSN) member states. The addition represents a strengthening of European oil spill monitoring and response.

By the addition of TerraSAR-x in the existing portfolio of satellites, EMSA´s Earth Observation capacities have been strengthened considerably. Increased coverage and regular revisit times increase the chances of detecting oil spills and other substances on the sea surface.

Although the new satellite product represents a contribution to the oil spill detection and response effort in Europe, it also supports all authorised users of EMSA’s Earth Observation data from a range of sectors such as traffic monitoring, search and rescue, safety, fisheries, customs, and law enforcement.

The service will be provided by KSAT. Having downlink and in-house processing capabilities for TerraSAR-x we are able to provide the service in Near Real-time. With the unique multi-mission SAR capability, KSAT provides these NRT oil spill- and vessel detection services worldwide.