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KSAT and SKY perfect JSAT enters strategic alliance in ASIA-Pacific Region

Kongsberg Satellite Services, the world-leading ground station services provider for LEO Satellite and maritime situational awareness services, and SKY Perfect JSAT have entered into a Strategic Alliance to accelerate LEO-related businesses maritime information service in the Asia-Pacific Region

This strategic alliance between KSAT and SKY Perfect JSAT, will accelerate expansion of ground station network in the Asia-Pacific region and provide ground station services to global LEO satellite operators. Moreover, in terms of using satellite based information, SKY Perfect JSAT will start joint marketing of KSAT’s existing satellite based monitoring services, such as the “ship detection service” and the “oil spill detection service” in the Asia-Pacific region. Also for the coming IoT era, the two companies will jointly develop and start various maritime information services together, targeting not only government sectors but also business intelligences and other new markets.