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Sentinel-3 LEOP support by KSAT

The next member of the Sentinel family, Sentinel-3A, is to be launched from Plesetsk on Tuesday 16th February and KSAT will provide LEOP from the uniquely positioned antenna systems on both poles.

KSAT will use antennas at both the Troll station, located at 72°S in Antarctica, and the Svalbard station at 78°N in Spitsbergen for this LEOP operation.  Svalbard station is recognized as the most optimally located ground station in the world for satellite control. The extreme northern location gives it its unique ability to provide all-orbit support.   

The operations during Launch and LEOP are among the most critical of a mission and it is desirable to maintain as frequent contact as possible with the spacecraft during these phases. The unique pole– to –pole concept that KSAT offers enables satellite owners to contact their satellites twice on every orbit in regular intervals of about 40 minutes, making this a sought after solution for critical operations.

KSAT has become highly experienced in supporting Launch and LEOP activities having specialized dedicated teams with an impressive track record.