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Arctic Race of Norway; The cycling-king of the North

Arctic Race of Norway is the northernmost multi-stage cycling race in the world, and KSAT has joined as a supporting partner to ARN this year.

Thinking big, in a small place, requires a very special kind of spirit.  It takes great courage and self-belief to go full throttle, when others want to step on the brakes.  That is why we are a proud partner of the Arctic Race of Norway, that has lifted an inspired idea into a major international success. The international cycle circus has arrived and at Engenes on the island of Andørja and the peloton will make their way up North, passing beneath green hillsides lining the fjords and cresting mountain passes on their way towards the city of Tromsø.  In Tromsø there will be a lot of activities this weekend with both a childrens race, an amateur race and of the fourth and final stage of the race.  The ARN village in the city center will be full of people and different exhibitions, and where most of Tromsø's 75,000 inhabitants are lining the route or enjoying the festival around the finishing line.