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Axelspace selects SKY Perfect JSAT and KSAT Ground Network Service for GRUS

When Axelspace launches GRUS-1, the first microsatellite of a future constellation, KSAT in partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT will provide Ground Station support from the KSATLite Network, a ground network optimized for small satellites and big constellations.

GRUS-1, a next-generation microsatellite is the building block of Axelspace´s Earth Observation LEO constellation. The first GRUS-1 satellite will be launched 27th December followed by many more in the coming years, making high-frequency monitoring a reality for the entire Earth. Even with its mass of less than 100kg, it will be able to obtain images with 2.5m ground resolution, and when the full constellation is in place, Axelspace will be able to update the imagery of the Earth every day.