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KSAT GMS - A strategic partnership to provide ground motion monitoring services

KSAT, Norut, and PPO.labs have entered a strategic partnership to establish operational services of spaceborne radar technology to provide ground motion monitoring services.

KSAT Ground Monitoring Services (KSAT-GMS): Global, Scalable, Reliable

Staying ahead in the ground motion monitoring business Jan Petter Pedersen, KSAT Vice President, noted that: “During discussions with our customers, frequently the following questions would come-up: How can we complement our maritime services with ground monitoring products? And if so, can such a product be flexible, scalable, and reliable to meet our current and future needs? With this partnership we are confident we are able to address these questions.

Norut’s research director for Earth Observation, Kjell Arild Høgda, said: "As research institute, we are at the point where further scaling up from our current Research & Development status to more efficient use of data from European Commission Copernicus programme requires additional investment. We see this partnership as a great way to make more efficient the path from successful R&D results to operational use. And this is only the start.”

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to extend our reach globally to new clients of all sizes” said Petar Marinkovic, Founder and Chief Scientist at PPO.Labs. “We are excited to partner with KSAT and Norut to bring our products and technology to another level, and contribute towards making spaceborne deformation mapping a commodity tool.” KSAT-GMS homepage here

Press contacts For all inquiries and further information, please contact:  Carles Debart – Project development KSAT-GMS  +47 77661325 Nina Soleng – Marketing Director KSAT   +47 77600277