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KSAT and Kratos to host on-site Radio Compatibility Testing

KSAT, Kongsberg Satellite Services, and partner Kratos are joining forces with radio vendors and satellite operators to test compatibility of satellite radios with the KSATLite ground network during the annual Small Satellite Conference hosted by Utah State University.

With a recently developed mobile radiofrequency testbed matching the capabilities of KSATLite equipment installed at a dozen sites around the world, users can quickly confirm the ability of their radios to uplink commands and downlink data to the KSATLite ground station network.

“We are pleased to support partners and customers with this on-site testing, taking steps to certify radios with our network to simplify their path to orbit and inform future decision making around communications architectures,” says Kristian Jenssen, Director of KSATLite.

This on-site testing continues KSATs practice of establishing pre-compatibility with space-side radio solutions available across the marketplace, facilitating the development process for operators eager to get solutions on orbit, and data to the ground. With KSATLite built as a standardized ground network, compatibility with the system’s baseband equipment reflects compatibility with any current or future KSATLite site – and the ease of access to global satellite connectivity this provides.

KSATLite makes space to ground communication easy; the standardized solution is scalable and allows flexible pricing models tailored to the individual smallsat customer´s requirements and growth.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our KSATLite team in Utah!

Kristian Jenssen | kristian.jenssen[at]
Carolyn Belle | carolyn.belle[at]