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WHITE PAPER: Ka-band and the future of Big Data from Space

This white paper explores the advantages of Ka-band downlink for smallsat and details the experiences of KSAT and Astro Digital in building a novel Ka-band solution.

Satellite data have become essential in supporting operations whenever time is critical: for decision-making during humanitarian and disaster relief operations and in international peacekeeping and security missions, among myriad other contexts. Small satellites contribute unique value to these endeavors.

KSAT and Astro Digital have worked together to meet this explosive rise in demand for data, bringing each other’s complementary technology and infrastructure into a new Ka-band offering in the KSAT Lite portfolio. Ka-band downlink has long remained out of reach for smallsat operators, meaning this unique capability opens new opportunities and benefits for operators: Ka-band allows for a smaller transmitter and antenna to be utilized on-board the satellite while providing a larger pipe to bring down larger amounts of data.

By pairing Astro Digital’s Ka-band transmitter with KSAT Lite Ka-band, new customer missions can be realized without significant investments in technology development and ground infrastructure: “Big data” on every orbit with low latency is attainable today. 

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