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New Webinar series -How to get started with Tropical Forest monitoring

In this new webinar series hosted by GFOI, Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), KSAT and partners Planet and Airbus will introduce users to the universally available high resolution satellite imagery of tropical forests.

A quiet and yet powerful revolution to help slow deforestation and combat climate change begun in October 2020. High resolution satellite imagery of the tropics was granted free-of-charge to everyone by Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI). The data is available here.

NICFI’s procurement from KSAT with its partners Planet and Airbus provides an unprecedented opportunity to use high resolution satellite imagery to complement other earth observations and provide powerful information to inform action on climate change, forest management and sustainable development.

"High resolution data can drastically improve forest monitoring, but they have historically been expensive and difficult to access. We aim to remove that bottleneck by making these data free and accessible. We hope that this will be a useful resource for tropical forest countries and practitioners everywhere." Sveinung Rotevatn – Minister of Climate and Environment.

NICFI is a leading partner of the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI). GFOI is a partnership of countries and international organizations who coordinate international support for improving forest monitoring capacity in tropical forest countries. The GFOI community will support the uptake of these datasets by tropical countries through their existing programs and networks of expertise.

KSAT is proud to contribute to this webinar series, which will introduce users to the data, help build their understanding of how to use the data and get inspired by existing applications in tropical countries including through the use of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation’s (FAO) SEPAL platform.

We look forward to connecting with users to enable them to use these datasets during this webinar series.

When: 14:00 pm C.E.T. on 15 December 2020
Register here to participate
(French, Spanish and other languages will also be scheduled shortly.)


Welcome remarks, Henrik Fliflet (NICFI)
Overview of NICFI High-Res Data Program, Charlotte Bishop (KSAT)
How to access, download and use the data, Pooja Pandey & Timothy Gituma (Planet)
Country level applications for forest area estimation and conservation – the example of Mozambique through the FAO Sepal platform, Erik Lindquist (UN-FAO) & Hercilo Odorico (Mozambique)
Additional demonstration TBC
GFOI Coordination, Thomas Harvey

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You can contact our 24/7 help desk for technical questions on the data, how to access it or where to find more information:

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