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KSAT Announcement regarding the COVID-19 virus

Dear partners,

We all live and operate in an international, connected society; this is underlined by the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus.

KSAT is monitoring the situation closely and continuously. We have implemented several precautionary measures to help limit further spreading of the virus, to mitigate impact on our services to our customers, and foremost, to protect our employees’ health and well-being.

We are following all guidelines, restrictions, and requirements advised by national authorities in the countries where we operate and monitoring advice from international health organizations.

To ensure that our operations continues as normal, we have strengthened the operational teams, to ensure redundancy and resiliency during the coming weeks. We have also imposed travel restrictions, as well as visitor restrictions for the time being. Business critical travel and meetings will be conducted, and we assure you we will be available through e-mail, video conferencing, and telephone solutions.

Throughout the coming weeks, I can reassure you that KSAT services will be delivered as usual. We pride ourselves on our fifty-year legacy of operational support, and we will maintain the same proficiency and high-level of support.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or inquiries.

Best regards,

Rolf Skatteboe
President and CEO


Photo by CDC on Unsplash