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Sentinel-2 captures stunning images of summer arriving in the Arctic

KSAT Headquarters is located in the Arctic capital of Tromsø, Norway. The North part of the country is experiencing an unusually warm and sunny month of June, something that can be seen from space in these stunning images captured by the European satellite, Sentinel-2.

The city of Tromsø located North of the Arctic circle is experiencing the warmest June in more than seven years. The start of the summer is often cold and wet, and it´s actually been three years since there was any “summer days” registered at all in June, (meaning days with more than 20 degrees celcius).

These Sentinel-2 images are acquired 17th of June, the weekend in a row with clear skies and high temperatures, some days over 24 degrees. As confirmed from space, not a single cloud can be seen over the municipality of Tromsø.

KSAT has two ground stations in the Arctic. The one in Tromsø, at 69´ degrees North, and the other at 78´degrees North located up in the archipelagio of Svalbard. At the KSAT Svalbard Ground Station we downlink and process Sentinel data as this station is part of the Sentinel core ground segment.

Image: The Island of Tromsø, where the city and KSAT HQ is located.  The Island is connected with bridges to the mainland and Kvaløya, (Whale Island),the fifth largest island in mainland Norway. (European Space Agency - ESA 2020)

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