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Join the Global Forest Watch Webinar on using Satellite Imagery to Investigate Deforestation

Satellite imagery can help us validate and investigate forest change identified by near-real-time deforestation alerts. Join KSAT and its partner Planet to learn how to use high-resolution images in the NICFI program.

In the Global Forest Watch (GFW) webinar the 28th of July you will learn how you can pair the alert systems on GFW with high-resolution satellite imagery from Planet, to determine what’s happening in the world’s forests. KSAT is the lead of the NICFI program which provides access to high resolution satellite imagery to monitor tropical deforestation.

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In the webinar experts from GFW, KSAT and Planet will introduce the unique NICFI program as well as share an overview of the satellite imagery resources available on GFW and how you can use them.

Join our expert Charlotte Bishop in the webinar by GFW the 28th of July. 

– The NICFI data program is currently being used by over 7000 users. This presentation will outline what the program provides, how to sign up and the different access points to explore, download and analyse the data to support and help protect and conserve our global tropical forests” – Charlotte Bishop, Senior Project Manager, KSAT.  

This webinar will build off the “Advances in Forest Monitoring Alert Systems” webinar, which provided an overview of the key forest monitoring alert systems available on GFW.

Watch the recording here: All registrants will receive a copy of the webinar recording even if they cannot join live.

Time: Jul 28, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Time , 15:00 CEST