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KSAT continues to support Stokes Nature Center in Utah

Over the last five years KSAT has supported Stokes Nature Center in their effort to educate young people on nature and good stewardship. As part of this collaboration KSAT employees are now sharing their knowledge and experience on Stokes' YouTube channel. Tune in to “Canyon Conversations” to learn more about how satellite data can help us answer questions about our planet.

Over the last five years, KSAT has built a relationship with Stokes Nature Center, that started based on a shared vision for protecting local ecosystems. They are located in Utah, which also hosts the big SmallSat conference every year. 

The non-profit center offers programs year-round for kids and youth focusing on understanding and exploring nature, fostering appreciation and stewardship of our natural and cultural heritage. 

Due to the conference being virtual this year, we had to find new ways to reach out. As well as making a donation, we have in close collaboration with Stokes, contributed to their YouTube series called Canyon Conversations which offers interesting educational content, inspiring interviews addressing different topics related to the earth and nature that surrounds us.

Here Director of Education at Stokes, Patrick Kelly, is in conversation with KSAT Senior Program Manager, Charlotte Bishop about how satellite technology and data can help us answer questions about our planet. 

Bishop manages the Global rainforest monitoring program lead by NICFI where the goal is to reduce and reverse loss of tropical forests, by providing access to data showing deforestation to everyone - for free.

Last year we had the same approach, and our Service Manager Karolina Paquin at Svalbard talks about Satellites, Svalbard and Sustainability. Check out that one too!

We are hoping to meet everyone in person next year at SmallSat!

Every year the KSAT team looks forward to attending the SmallSat conference in Logan, Utah and visit our friends at Stokes. But this year we had to virtually meet on YouTube.