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KSAT targeting the standardisation of Digital-IF

KSAT is proud to be a founding board member of the DIFI consortium, working towards an interoperable Digital-IF solution.

For KSAT, Digital-IF allows ground stations to incorporate software-oriented signal processing solutions, providing architectural options to customers.

We have already been users and innovators in the Digital-IF technology for several years.

– In fact, we service more than 25,000 LEO passes per month using Digital-IF technology. This is in addition to our legacy Analog-IF networks, John Heskett, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at KSAT says.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) John Heskett.  

KSAT is very interested in seeing the industry align on an interoperable Digital-IF solution. For decades, we have all used "Analog-IF" and, by default, it was interoperable.

– Digital-IF brings many advantages, but in order to really expand on the use cases and grow the eco-system, a standard must be created and agreed upon by industry, he continues. 

We are therefore joining the Board of Directors for an IEEE Standards Consortium called DIFI which is targeting the standardization of Digital-IF. The goal of the consortium is to develop an IEEE standard implementation for digital-IF that can be used by the SatCOM, LEO Groundstation, modem and antenna communities.

Please feel free to reach out to the consortium and join us in developing this IEEE standard.

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