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Sidus Space and KSAT join forces to Enable End-to-End Mission Operations Solutions to Support LizzieSat™ Constellation

Sidus Space, a Space-as-a-Service satellite company has selected KSAT to be the sole provider of ground station services for their LizzieSat™ satellite constellation.

The Sidus constellation, slated to launch the first of a planned fleet of 100 satellites in late 2022, will consist of small satellites capable of hosting a variety of custom payloads for any customer mission and collecting space-based data for multiple industries.

Sidus Space delivers a complete solution for customers, including satellite design and build, integration of technologies, launch vehicle rideshares, and ground segment support leveraging an existing global network of ground stations.  Unlike constellations planned or launched by companies such as OneWeb, SpaceX (Starlink) and Amazon (Project Kuiper), designed to provide broadband connectivity, the LizzieSat™ constellation will enable rapid delivery of high impact data for commercial and government customers.

KSAT’s KSATlite ground network is designed and optimized for small satellite systems, providing streamlined access, through standardized API-driven interfaces, and scalable support that grows to meet mission needs. Through close collaboration, Sidus and KSAT now provides critical launch to operations ground segment support for LizzieSat™ customers.  KSATlite has become the dominant SmallSat Ground Network solution, currently supporting more than 35 000 passes per month, including support for all leading SmallSat operators.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with KSAT to support the LizzieSat™ constellation. Thanks to our integration with KSAT, a well-established and reliable ground station services provider, high-speed data transmission will dramatically reduce the delivery time of geolocation data to our customers by a factor of three.  The services of KSATlite will significantly enhance collection and intelligent analysis by returning richer, more precise data down-to-Earth in much less time,” said Carol Craig, CEO of Sidus Space.

“We are very happy about this agreement with Sidus Space, a company from the booming commercial aerospace community in Florida, and we look forward to supporting their LizzieSat™ constellation. With their future fleet of 100 smallsats they will be able to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility that the KSATlite network provides / to meet the demands in an increasingly interconnected, cloud-based, and data-driven world,” said Marte Indregard, CCO of KSAT.

Image: Sidus Space