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Transporter 10: how KSAT perfected the art of LEOP through 10 rideshare missions.

Over 170 supported satellites in 3 years - the Transporter 10 mission marks a milestone for KSATs unmatched simultaneous Launch and LEOP support capabilities. This has been achieved by working in close collaboration with our customers as well as investing heavily in people and technology.

KSAT celebrates having successfully supported satellites during critical early mission operations on 10 Transporter missions. Our team of experts continue to provide the highest standards of service for our customers in the most critical phase of the mission, enabling their success.

Since the first Transporter mission, launched in January 2021, KSAT has perfected the art of tackling high volumes across the network as well as simultaneous support capacity, through investing heavily in both technology and automation.

Transporter missions are intended to provide consistent rideshare opportunities for smallsats by sending multiple payloads to the intended orbit on a regular basis using a single rocket – a concept that has played a significant role in shaping the industry.

In March 2024, SpaceX launched their Falcon 9 rocket, the 10th successful Transporter mission in just three years. The rocket carried 53 payloads into various orbits – among them a wide range of cubesats and nanosats.

A collection of 53 payloads on board of Transporter 10

KSAT has delivered unmatched quality of services for the success of the precious payloads- by utilizing the full network of over 300 antennas in 28 locations around the world. By combining the unique polar ground stations with an extensive set of strategically located mid-latitude ground stations, KSAT provides a communications solution to fit every launch trajectory. But the equipment is only as good as the people who use it – that is where our experts come in:

We have a dedicated team of around 20 people from different departments who use their experience and wide knowledge to deliver quality support to all our customers during the Transporter missions – says Mads Christian Lissner, Launch Service Manager at KSAT.

We feel confident in the process, having a strong team that learns from each other and relies on each other’s knowledge. It is actually a very social event for us, that often involves many pizza boxes - he laughs.

Mads admits that each mission brings new customers, but most importantly, it is a great arena to strengthen the relationships with the long-term customers that trust the quality and reliability of the services.

It’s all about good communication and connection with the customers – he says.

To date, during the Transporter missions, KSAT has supported over 170 satellites for over 30 unique customers with as many as 26 satellites being supported simultaneously during single deployment.

 Photo credit: SpaceX


  • Extensive global network for critical and timely communications
  • Highly skilled and experienced engineering teams
  • Established search, troubleshooting and problem-solving procedures
  • Standardised and automated processes for efficient operations
  • Multiple redundancies and simultaneous supports
  • Unmatched track record