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Ground Station Services

Communication between space and ground

Hosting and maintenance services

KSAT provides hosting and maintenance services to a number of satellite operators within the navigation and satellite communication segments. Our long-term operational experience in implementation at locations worldwide, and the ability to understand local conditions, facilitate and adapt to different environments, assures the best hosted network solutions for our customers.

KSAT provides support in the entire process of establishing and operating satellite ground networks;

  1. Site identification
  2. Site surveys
  3. Infrastructure establishment

The customer systems and infrastructure are installed in close cooperation with KSAT to cater to the specific requirements and to optimize the solution.

TT&C Services

KSAT provides Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) services for LEO satellites. Available from our global and integrated network in S-band and UHF/VHF frequencies.

TT&C services include:

  • Routine operations provided in real-time
  • Access to TT&C anywhere anytime ensures rapid tasking in case of disasters, emergencies and urgent needs, important for timely access to the satellite
  • A global network providing optimal solutions for Launcher and LEOP support
  • Optimal support for Emergency and Critical Operations
“KSAT focuses on end-to-end services. It is one thing to build ground stations, but to provide dependable end-to-end services where data is reliably delivered is something else.”
Rolf Skatteboe, CEO and President

Data Communications solutions

KSAT provides complete end-to-end data backhaul solutions, from the satellite to customer sites worldwide (Customer Data Centre or Mission Control Centre). Through a close partnership with telecommunication providers, we guarantee reliable and cost-efficient solutions.

  • KSAT owns and operates communications solutions to support customer needs from our Svalbard and TrollSat/Antarctica stations.
  • Solutions are adapted to customer needs from low-cost Internet services to secure VPN solutions and dedicated fiber links with the highest reliability, security and redundancy.
  • Secure communication solutions are of critical importance to KSAT and our customers.

Launch and early orbit support

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Data acquisition services

KSAT Data Acquisition services are provided from our global network, for real-time acquisition and data dump of on-board storage in S-, X-, Ka-, C-, L- and UHF-band. We also provide advanced data processing and distribution to any place in the world.

KSAT Data Acquisition services include:

  • Ground stations optimally located to meet customer needs
  • Data dump at one single site (SvalSat) for each orbit of polar orbiting satellites
  • Pole-to-Pole service including X-band and fully operational Ka-band infrastructure
  • Data handling services including NRT processing, archiving, storage and distribution.


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