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KSAT and Microsoft announcing General Availability of Cloud Partnership

KSAT network now fuses with the power of Microsoft. 

KSAT is partnering with Microsoft’s Azure Orbital service, to enable satellite operators to focus on their core satellite activities. Customers can operate from the cloud more reliably at lower cost and latency. They continue to benefit from access to world leading ground station coverage, and to get to market faster and achieve a higher level of security with the power of Azure. 

The approach brings together an integration of ground station networks with an enhanced data delivery to an Azure region of choice. This will reduce their total operational costs and ensuring data is available in the customer’s Azure tenant for further processing.  

“KSAT is now able to offer its world-leading global ground network with an enhanced integration to Microsoft Azure. Our goal is to deliver a consistent and seamless integration with Azure Orbital directly through the existing partnership we have with Microsoft and through established APIs for customers” Rolf Skatteboe, KSAT CEO (image)

Rolf Skatteboe.jpg