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Young Advisory Board inspires the future of KSAT

KSAT sees the value and importance on getting a new generation’s view on the company and has formed a Young Advisory Board to the CEO, with great success.

KSAT is growing steadily, and the number of employees has increased from 150 to 400 in just four years. A large part of the employees is under the age of 35 and will shape the future of the company.

The introduction of KSAT Young Advisory Board (KYAB) has given the young professionals a unique arena in the company to have an impact on the way forward. The board consists of six aspiring talents working in 1.5 year’s cycles. The goal is to ensure business development and capture market trends from the point of view of young employees.

The more minds the better

The KYAB board gives advice on different matters, and functions as a listening post for the management. 

– I have learned that ideas born in several minds often lead to better decisions than one mind derivatives. That is why I established KYAB, Rolf Skatteboe, President and CEO of KSAT says.

President and CEO Rolf Skatteboe

 Strategic focus

The young professionals get direct access to the CEO, which gives a great opportunity to make a difference, as well as for Skatteboe to collect and analyse their feedback.

– KSAT is still growing, and it’s important for me to ensure we have a strong and dedicated work force with a strategic focus on the future, he states.

The members of KYAB are nominated from different parts of the organisation. They are selected based on their motivation for making changes, the engagement to develop and learn, to share opinions and give honest feedback on where the company is headed.

The board meets regularly to discuss topics of mutual interest, like the company’s strategy, budget, culture, and management.

Young KSAT professionals from the 2nd cycle of KYAB, representing different departments at KSAT. Ida Kinderås fourth right. 

Valuable input to KSAT’s way forward

Another goal is to create engagement amongst the young professionals at KSAT. Operations Manager Ida Kinderås is part of the most recent cycle of KYAB. She thinks it's been both rewarding and educational to be part of the board.

– We get to see how the management thinks and works, as well as the opportunity to provide advice and input for KSAT's way forward, she says, and adds: 

–  We also learn a lot about the company and each other by talking and working together.  

Since the creation of the KYAB advisory board at KSAT, many improvements have been implemented with. The responsibility will soon be transferred to the newly elected, 3rd KYAB group, that will help steering the company towards bright future.