KSAT Lite - for smallsats

A cost-effective Global Ground network, optimized for small satellites and big constellations

The Lite-concept is a small-aperture, global ground network where the standardized and scalable services, are catered to the specific needs of the fast growing New Space- and SmallSat industry.  

The KSAT Lite portfolio currently supports the following Satellite-to-Earth (downlink) and Earth-to-Satellite (uplink):

  • UHF downlink and uplink
  • S-band downlink and uplink
  • X-band downlink
  • Ka-band downlink

KSAT Lite is live today – currently supporting over 10,000 passes a month – which enables new missions to receive support instantly, without incurring any risk of delay that might occur for systems that are untested or may require more modification to enable interoperability.

We have deployed this network through leveraging years of experience combined with new and innovative solutions – a dedicated ground solution that is easy to use and available at a leaner price point.

The KSAT Lite network allows satellite operators to scale their ground communications support as the constellation grows, starting with support on a per pass basis and providing the option for moving to full antennas as the communication demand grows. Using this existing network enables satellite owners a bridge to space communications that is proven, low risk, scales easily, and has demonstrated capability.

"Innovative, cost-efficient satellite programs now have access to an equally innovative, flexible and cost-optimized Ground Station network."
Kristian Jenssen, Director of KSAT Lite

With KSAT Lite we have used a very flexible software-defined ground radio system that allows us to support all of the major standards in satellite and launch vehicle communications. We also utilize a software-optimised scheduling system to enable us to support many different missions, which in sharing the basic infrastructure costs among more users, allows each mission to receive support at a much more affordable pricing structure.

All through our global network of smaller aperture antennas. Combined with the strength of the operations excellence that enables KSAT to support hundreds of spacecrafts every day, KSAT Lite brings an innovative approach to sharing standardised hardware via software scheduling that enables a revolutionary breakthrough in access.